about us

A brief introduction about who we are and our background

Wikako is a company run by Hugo Wik and BoYeong Park. Wikako was first founded in 2006 by Hugo who at that time was studying export management in Stockholm. The inspiration for the name comes from earlier days when he and his siblings started a team named Wikako. At Wikako we believe that teamwork is the key to success and that inspiration has followed us through the years.

Hugo grew up as the eldest in a big family, he spent most of his childhood in Germany and Norway. His family is Swedish so he returned to Sweden by himself at the age of 17 to finalize high school. After graduating from his higher education in 2008 booming China was the next logical place to go where he quickly adopted the language, culture and started his business carreer.

BoYeong is also the elder in her family, she was raised by her korean parents in China. In her adult life she moved to England where she studied business and economics and ran her own local business. BoYeong has since helped companies from different nations with both marketing and operations in China and Korea.

Wikako is now based in southern Sweden, with strong ties to Norway, Germany, China, Hong Kong and Korea. We believe every country has their own strenghts and weaknesses, that is why working together is the key to success.